Medscribbler Community EMR

About this project:

Medscribbler Community is a fully implemented electronic medical record that allows for embedded and direct handwriting, as well as handwriting recognition on a Tablet PC. This was the first EMR system with this handwriting recognition capability. We are now pleased to offer the source code under the GPL Open Licence.

This means not only can you use the and install Medscribbler Community EMR free of charge, it means you can have the source code to change and improve Medscribbler to your liking. Medscribbler Community is released under the Open Source GPL.


Medscribbler Community EMR

The Medscribbler community is comprised of independent individuals with an interest in healthcare and IT development. Whatever you are looking for, there are dozens of others looking for the same thing. Medscribbler Community offers these individuals resources for growth and consolidation. The Medscribbler Community solution is robust and proven to be effective as a versatile player in solo practices.

Those interested in the project will refer to the following pages for more information:

“Getting you there sooner” is more than a motto — it is a design feature.


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Source code for this project may be available as downloads or through the CVS or Subversion SCM repository used by the project, as accessible from the project summary page.

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